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Wedding Planning Chat GPT

Recent AI innovations like Chat GPT have been changing how we do things, and it's no surprise that it's changing the wedding industry too. Check out how the Wedding Planning Blueprint Course will help you use Chat GPT to make your wedding planning much easier!

While there are definitely benefits to using sites like Chat GPT, we all know that we need to take the answers with a virtual grain of salt. It can be a great starting point, but rarely gets everything spot on, because it's pulling it's information from literally the entire internet.

When it comes to wedding planning, you don't need your answers to pulled from unreliable sites, written by journalists not wedding professionals. A wrong answer or response could cost you a lot of time and money as you're planning your wedding.

And that's why I'm really excited to share the feature in the new Wedding Planning Blueprint Course. It's essentially Chat GPT, but the responses are only pulled from the course content. This means the answers you're given are provided by professional wedding planner, giving you access to get your questions answered 24/7.

Watch the included video for a demonstration on how it works, and drop a comment with the question you'd want to ask Wedding Chat GPT!

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