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Hi, I'm so glad you're here! 


Hey guys!  I'm Kate, and I've been planning weddings since 2004, helping over 400 couples along the way. Over the years, our events have been featured in publications such as The Knot, MetroDetroit Bride, Style Me Pretty, and WeddingWire. We’ve won numerous awards for our events, but more importantly, regularly receive the sweetest compliments and reviews from our couples after their weddings.

One of my favorite things about wedding planning is being able to share time and money saving tips with couples. Hearing them say "Oh, I never would have thought of that", or "That will make things so much easier!" brings me so much joy!​


Those little things that might seem obvious once you know them, but you most likely would not have thought of them on your own Those are my favorite moments, and the reason why I started Planning Collective. I'm excited to share some of those tips with you here today!

Kate McClellan

Hey there!  I'm Kate, the founder and lead planner at Planning Collective.  I started the company in 2004 (then called Purple Clover Events), so I could follow my interest in organizing and planning events.  At that time, I knew nothing about the wedding industry, but I dove straight in to learn as much as I possibly could.  

Since those early days, I've worked with over 400 couples on their wedding days, run education and networking programs for other wedding industry professionals, and have had my work featured in numerous platforms, including The Knot, WeddingWire, and Style Me Pretty.  

After 20 years of working one on one with clients, I knew there had to be a way to get my planning tips and resources out to more couples.  That's where Planning Collective got started, and our signature course, Wedding Planning Blueprint was born! 

Outside of weddings, my favorite place to be is at the lake with the family and all the dogs.  You'll likely catch my crew in the background on Zoom, Gus and Theo are my Covid kittens, and my "Super-Mutt" Maisie joined us a year later.  

Whether you're looking for one on one planning help, or virtual support through our other resources, I really look forward to helping support you through the wedding planning process! 

Cileste Crosby

Well hi there! I’m the 20-something year old Assistant you have probably noticed works for Kate. She hired me in 2021 to help with social media, wedding day activities, and other tasks behind the scenes. If you see me on the FB page, make sure to say hi!


I decided to get into weddings long before I even knew what a career was. As a little girl, being a wedding planner and fashion designer were my 2 dream jobs. One of those desires may have slowly faded out, but clearly the other one stuck. I went to college to study Hospitality (the closest program I could find to Event & Wedding Planning) and was blessed enough to get an internship with my event planning professor. Later she introduced me to her wedding planner friend who also offered me an internship, and thus the journey began.


Other than helping people marry the love of their life, I love playing video games, discovering random small restaurants, and I’m absolutely enamored with traveling. Vacations are my favorite form of therapy. My relationship with God is such an important part of my life, and I hope to change the perception of Christians through love and support. Love is love, and I am thrilled to help marry couples of all kinds.

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