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You're not alone.Let me help


Planning Collective Membership

Getting engaged is such an exciting time, but no one talks about how exhausting & stressful the actual planning can be.

Our exclusive PLANNING PATH will bring your NEVER ENDING Pinterest Boards & Checklists to life, making your DREAM WEDDING a reality!

Price increasing July 1st! Join now to be locked in at only $14.97/month

What is a wedding 
planning membership? 

During the pandemic when weddings were postponed, I kept myself busy by offering virtual wedding planning help to couples that didn't have the benefit of working with a wedding planner to help them navigate the craziness.  During those sessions, I LOVED sharing the wedding planning tips and knowledge that I've gathered in the last 20 years of being a professional wedding planner. 

It occurred to me that even after weddings came back, so many couples don't have the opportunity to work with a professional planner because it's either out of their budget, or simply not a necessity.  But that doesn't mean that they don't deserve the same tips and knowledge that will help them enjoy the planning process.  

Enter the wedding Planning Collective Membership! 

Price increasing July 1st!
Join now to be locked in at only $14.97/month

Wedding Planning Blueprint Course - $997 Value

Designed to help you plan your wedding like a pro, in the WPB Course I take you through my exclusive PLANNING PATH, which was previously only available to our full service clients.   

Join me my virtual office as I guide you through from the very first step in planning your wedding, to the final checklists you'll need the week of the wedding.  Using short video lessons, the tips are super easy to navigate, and ensure that you have the support of a professional wedding planning during your journey. 

And unlike other wedding planning apps, this is NOT just a checklist of tasks, but rather full EXPLANATIONS as to the how, why, and maybe most importantly why NOT behind each step.  And some tasks will be easier for you than others, but I'll help you process the wedding planning details you’re not as excited about (aka - the things you've been putting off)

Find the full course breakdown here.  

Price increasing July 1st!  Join now to be locked in at only $14.97/month

This Membership is the
Best Next Step in Your Wedding Planning Journey.

So, What Exactly Is It?

Many couples get so overwhelmed by Stage 3, they want to toss the plans and elope.  The Planning Collective Membership will help you navigate through these stages with ease, so you can fully enjoy the planning process.

What's Included in Your
Planning Collective Membership

What's Included in Your Planning Collective Membership

I help stressed out brides get back to enjoying the wedding planning process again! 


I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 20 years, and I'm sure you can imagine the crazy things I've seen!


So much of what goes into planning a wedding is based on experience, which is exactly what most couples are missing.  But not everyone has the budget to be able to hire a full service planner to take over the planning or them.  


Now, I'm using my experience to help all couples, regardless of their location or budget, plan the wedding of their dreams, without breaking the bank (or their sanity). 

Don't let the overwhelm force you to toss the plans and head to Vegas.  You can do this, and I can't wait to help!

Hi, I'm Kate

From Our Clients

Kate at (Planning Collective) is THE BEST decision we made while planning our wedding. 


We were so lucky to have Kate for our Day of Planner for both of my daughter’s weddings. She is such a joy to to work with and makes the wedding worry free. 

- Dana

I will forever be grateful to Kate and her amazing planning team for helping to make our wedding so special. Hands down, Kate is the VERY best!


LESSON 1 – Wedding Priorities​

  • Location, size, time

  • Planning categories

LESSON 2 – Budget​

  • Big picture number

  • Who pays? 

  • How to break it down

  • Managing the budget

LESSON 3 – Guest List 

  • Remembering your priorities 

  • Creating the guest list 

  • Collecting addresses

LESSON 4 – Checklists & Timeline 

  • Planning checklist 

  • Stationery timeline 

  • How long does this all take? 


LESSON 1 – Venues

  • Venue Types - traditional, backyard, unique 

  • Food & Beverage Details 

LESSON 2 – Vendors 

  • Core vendors & Booking order 

  • Finding and booking vendors 

  • What to expect with vendor meetings 

  • Wedding Planners 

LESSON 3 – WeddingDesign 

  • What is wedding design? 

  • Components of design 

  • Creating a mood board   

  • How to use Pinterest for wedding planning

  • How to bring it together

LESSON 4 – Attire 

  • Categories – black tie, cocktail hour, etc

  • Wedding Gowns 

  • Tux & Suits 

  • Wedding party attire (include parents)


LESSON 1 - Wedding Stationery

  • Stationery timeline 

  • Invitation wording and content

  • Day of Needs  

LESSON 2 - Day of Timelines

  • Questions to ask before creating timeline 

  • How to Create your Wedding Day Timeline 

  • Quick Reference Tips 

  • Sample timelines 

LESSON 3 - Travel/Accommodations 

  • Hotel Blocks 

  • Transportation 

LESSON 4 - Honeymoon

  • Options, timing, and packing

  • Sandals & Beaches 

  • Legalities - name change/passport

  • Destination weddings 

LESSON 5 - Website/Registries 

  • Website 

  • Registry 

  • Online RSVPs (QR codes) 


LESSON 1 - Layout

  • Where to create your layout 

  • What to include in your wedding floorplan 

  • Sample layouts 

LESSON 2 - Ceremony 

  • Finding your officiant 

  • Ceremony templates

  • Marriage license 

LESSON 3 - Banquet Event Order  

  • What is a BEO

  • How to read/complete it 

  • Sample BEOs

LESSON 4 - Wedding Worksheets

  • Photo list

  • Song list 

  • Processional Order 

  • Final vendor details 


LESSON 1 - Final Payments 

  • Pre-wedding payments 

  • Day of Payments

  • Vendor gratuities 

LESSON 2 - Day Of Team 

  • Rehearsal 

  • Set up & Tear down 

LESSON 3 - Other weekend events 

  • Rehearsal dinner 

  • Brunch 

LESSON 4 - Post Wedding Tasks 

  • Thank you cards 

  • Budget wrap up 

  • Vendor reviews/follow up





When you close your eyes, you can clearly picture the PERFECT wedding day.  But how do you turn that dream wedding into reality, without spending thousands of dollars on a wedding planner? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in the Planning Collective Membership​

  • It’s having a pro wedding planner in your pocket, answering your specific wedding questions whenever is convenient for you.

  • It’s NOT just more checklists for you to download.  It’s a tailored experience, focused on helping you with the WHY and HOW, so you don’t make costly or embarrassing mistakes.

  • It’s an amazing accountability community dedicated to help you keep making progress towards your DREAM WEDDING.

  • And most importantly, it’s getting you all the small details involved in wedding planning that you don’t even know you need to know!

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