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Before I tell you more about this course, let's see if you're a good fit

The Wedding Planning Blueprint Course is perfect for you if: 

  • You went from being SO EXCITED about planning, to quickly feeling overwhelmed and defeated

  • You get distracted by all the inspiration posts on sites like The Knot & WeddingWire, but can't find any realistic wedding planning resources

  • You dream of tossing the wedding plans and just eloping

  • You know what you want your wedding to be, you just don't know how to get there

  • You don't need (or don't have the budget for) a Full Service Wedding Planner, but want to make sure that you aren't missing any big steps

If you're internally (or externally) screaming "YEEESSS!  This is me!" you're in the right place! 

There is a method to the madness of wedding planning! 


The Wedding Planning Blueprint Course will give you the lessons, tools, and advice you need to CONFIDENTLY plan your wedding like a pro. 

By the end of this course, you will have...

Nailed down your

wedding priorities

so you can make wedding planning decisions based on what's truly important to the two of you, and NOT based on others opinions. 

Created a realistic & detailed wedding budget

before booking a single thing to make sure your venue, vendors, and other budget based decisions align with your personal budget.  

Complete planning checklist 

including all of the little tasks that you've been so worried you'll forget about.  

Expertly selected your

vendor team

with confidence that you've not missed a key team member, and that everyone has been properly vetted for the job. 

Defined and executed

your wedding design

taking it from a few inspiration images on Pinterest, to an itemized list of who and what you'll need to make it happen.  

Mastered your Food &

Beverage details

so you can speak to your venue manager like a pro, and make sense of what you'll need.  No venue manager?  You'll be set to tackle the details on your own!

Created your Day of Timeline

& layouts

like a professional so everything will run smoothly, and that you haven't left anything out. 

Crafted the perfect ceremony 

that feels like a proper representation of the two of you, and the other requirements needed to make this all legal. 

Prepared your wedding day details

that your vendors and wedding party will need, so you can relax and enjoy the day knowing everything is taken care of!
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The Wedding Planning Blueprint Course will help you feel confident, supported, and excited about wedding planning again! 

Andi & Matt 

“Thank you so much for the most incredible wedding day!  You were the most wonderful coordinator, and we are so grateful for your amazing energy & hard work."

Chloe & Ryan

"You did such an amazing job and we truly could not have made it through the day without you. We had so many people who came up to us raving about how helpful you were and how you were so calm and collected all day.."

Mother of the Bride, Michelle

“Kate was a such a pleasure! She took so much pressure and worry from me, and let me enjoy my daughters wedding, which was an absolute joy! She is very professional, and lovely to work with.”


With additions to the course coming soon, the price will be increasing on October 1st!

Join now for just $147, and all additions and updates will be included at the current price!  


This is the last time the course will be available for under $200!

Wedding Table

What's Inside the Wedding Planning Blueprint Course? 

The Wedding Planning Blueprint is here to set you up for wedding planning success! I've taken my 19 years of wedding planning experience, and designed these five modules to guide you through the REAL planning process.  No distractions, just real, actionable tips to help you go from feeling lost and overwhelmed, to confident and enjoying the planning process again. 

Here's a breakdown of what you can find in each module: 


The Foundation

In the first module we'll make sure you have the strong foundation that you will need to build the rest of your wedding planning on.  This includes: 

  • Determining your wedding priorities

  • Setting your wedding budget

  • Creating your guest list

  • Making your checklists and timing


The Details

Module 3 is where we start digging into the smaller details that will play a huge roll in the flow of the  day.  This includes: 

  • Wedding stationery (invites, programs, etc.) 

  • Creating your day of timeline

  • Travel, accommodations, & transportation

  • Honeymoon & destination weddings

  • Wedding websites and registries


The Big Day!

Module 5 is going to set you up for a stress-free wedding day!  In anticipation of the big day, we'll cover: 

  • Final payments and gratuities

  • Your "day of" team

  • Other weekend events

  • Post wedding tasks


The Structure

We start getting into the "fun stuff" in Module 2, where we start shaping the structure of your wedding plans.  This includes: 

  • Finding your venue & food & beverage 101

  • Hiring your vendors

  • Creating your wedding design

  • Wedding attire


The Logistics

As the wedding day gets closer, the FOWO (Fear of Wedding Oversight) increases.  We take care of that with module 4, which lesson includes: 

  • Ceremony & reception layouts

  • Logistics of the ceremony

  • Banquet Event Orders (BEO)

  • Wedding detail sheets 

Kate & Cileste.jpg


We're here to help walk you through the planning process with the REAL tips you need.  

The value of working with a full service planner starts at $8,000.  Get access to the Wedding Planning Blueprint course now for just $147! 

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