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2024 Wedding Trends

wedding trends floral pocket square

We've officially entered holiday season, which means it's time to start looking into the upcoming 2024 & 2025 Wedding Trends! Here's a breakdown of some of my favs, drop a comment with the wedding trends you're most looking forward to!

2024 Wedding Trends - FASHION

2024 wedding trends - detachable cape

Veils - while veils never went away, they are definitely having a moment! I’m loving that we’re seeing some fun and unique veils, incorporating bows, pearls, and even color!

  • Speaking of pearls and bows, we’ve been seeing this 80s and 90s trend coming back in full force! Who doesn’t love a pearled glove, or cute bow on your veil or back of your shoes. Definitely keep an eye out for fun ways you can incorporate these two things into your day!

  • Wedding dress separates are here, and I’m loving it! Whether it’s a two piece dress, detachable sleeves, gloves, or even a cape.

  • Flower appliqués were one of my early aughts fashion trends, and I’m so excited that they are now coming back into the wedding world! They can be small and delicate, or embrace the main character energy they deserve.

2024 Wedding Trends - DECOR

2024 wedding trend - floral pocket squares
  • When it comes to the personal flowers, meaning the wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, we’re seeing some fun things coming up. Instead of a full bouquet, you can give your ladies a single stem of our favorite bloom. Corsage cuffs for the moms and grandmas are fantastic, and made to look more like a piece of jewelry rather than your old school homecoming corsage. And finally, if you’re looking for an alternative to the boutonniere, I’m absolutely LOVING the floral pocket square as an alternative.

  • Speaking of flowers, another fun trend we’re seeing is incorporating LOTS of color into your floral design. Don’t get me wrong, the creams, whites, and greenery look is absolutely classic and will always be a favorite, but I think every wedding pro is excited to see more unique color palettes coming into the mix. If you’re too nervous to fully embrace a super colorful wedding, you can add pops of color into fun, unique locations. You can keep your florals neutral, but add a fun patterned napkin to the table, or a fun and colorful backdrop for your photo booth.

    • If you’re looking for something interactive, champagne towers are fun to

do after cocktail hour, and it makes for a great photo. If champagne isn’t your thing, you can use a different drink instead. I recently saw an espresso martini tower, but you’ll need to be very careful about that if you’re wearing a light dress. If you are going to do a champagne tower of sorts, two quick tips or warnings for you. First, make sure that you have the coupe style glasses, not the standard champagne flutes. Most venues only have the flutes, and a tower will NOT work with that.

Second tip, make sure to check with your venue to see if they will allow it, as they can be very messy, and what the cost of the champagne or drink would be. If they don’t allow the actual pouring of the champagne through the tower because of the mess, see if you can stage it for a photo. Meaning you can have the glassed pre-filled except for the top one or two tiers, that way you can get that photo moment without the mess. If we’re being totally honest, it’s all for the pic anyway, right? When it comes to the cost, if you’re at a traditional venue, it’s likely that the price of a bottle of champagne is pretty marked up. It might make doing a champagne tower a bit out of budget, but they MIGHT have flexibility with you supplying the champagne for just this if it’s truly just a photo moment.

2024 wedding trend - phone booth
  • Audio guest books like After the Tone have been popular for the last couple of years, but I’m loving the new trend coming is to take them to an all new level! While you can certainly place your phone on a cocktail table with an instruction sign, if you’re looking for something unique, we’re seeing decorative phone booths being added in, which will also help the audio quality of the messages. If a full phone booth is a bit much for you, setting up a nice table or display area for the phone would be a nice way to get more attention to the phone.

2024 Wedding Trends - Personal Interactive Touches

2024 wedding trend - sip and solve
  • Sip and solves are custom crosswords puzzles that you can have made on Etsy or Canva, and put out on an easel for your guests to work on during cocktail hour. The questions can be about the two of you and your relationship, or include some family and friends trivia to further include them in the day. Make sure to put plastic or glass over it and use dry erase markers so that wrong answers can be corrected, and it can be reused.

    • Another area to incorporate some interactive activities for your guests is with the place cards. This summer we had a couple do the cutest set up for their place card display, and they incorporated their photo booth into the set up. They made a large board with envelopes glued to it with the guests names on the front. Inside the envelopes were their place card with their table number on it, but before they could take it, they had to take a picture at the photo booth and exchange that picture for their place card. That way the couple got a picture of all of their guests at their wedding, and the guests could keep a copy for themselves too

    • When it comes to photos WITH your guests, another fun trend we’re seeing is called the photo blitz during the reception. Once dinner is over, before you start dancing, the DJ or band with play one fun, high energy song, and you and your new spouse will rush from table to table to get a group photo with the guests at the table. Your goal is to get to each table before the end of the song, which could be a challenge if you have a large guest list. Make sure to talk through the timing of this with your coordinator and vendor team if you’re planning on doing this!

    • And if you’re looking for a really sweet way to show your guests your appreciation, you can write them a handwritten note that can be left at the tables. This can be done per table, and the guests can pass the letter around for everyone to read, or you could do individual, couple, or family letters and include them with the place cards. Time consuming? Yes. But what a lovely touch!

2024 Wedding Trends - Add-ons to your photo & video team

  • The first is film photography, and this can be either an add on to your photographers digital work, or you could work with a photographer that solely does film photography. It’s a very unique look, film photography typically has a richer vibe. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to speak with photographers about whether or not this is something they offer. More and more are offering it as an add on to their digital packages, but it’s not super common, yet!

  • And finally, the trend I’m probably most excited about is having a content creator as a part of your vendor team. A content creator is in addition to your photographer and videographer, and their goal is capture those more natural moments of the day that you’ll want to look back on. And if you love making TikTok’s or Reels, your content creator will be in charge of capturing and making these for you. You can have videos in mind to make before the wedding, and they will make it happen. Or you can just sit back and let them surprise you with what they create. If you’re interested in adding a content creator to the team, check with your photographer and videographer first! They may be adding this service in, but more importantly, they may have concerns about working with a content creator. The dynamic between the three rolls can be tricky, and your photographer might have concerns about the content creator interfering with their process. This is an important reason why you’ll want to make sure that your content creator has experience working with weddings, as that can be a tricky relationship to navigate. We worked with Day of by Juls this summer, and it was a fantastic experience! She was beyond respectful of the photographer and videographer, and created some amazing content from the day. You can find her on Instagram @dayof.byjuls

And there’s my list of wedding trends for 2024 and 2025! What other trends are you looking forward to? Head on over to the Wedding Planning Collective Facebook Group and let me know!

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