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Wedding Planning Office Hours

Did you know that you can have weekly access to ask a pro wedding planner your wedding questions, for less than $10/month?!?

Wedding planning membership

It might sound too good to be true, but the new wedding Planning Collective Membership is changing the way couples plan their weddings, making REAL wedding planning advice accessible for everyone! Amongst many other features, the membership includes weekly "Office Hours" via Zoom, where couples can bring me their questions, problems, or ideas, and we can talk through the details to get your custom solution.

Some question or topic examples could be:

  • How do we create our wedding day timeline?

  • Reviewing existing timelines to make sure everything will flow.

  • Reviewing or creating your wedding budget.

  • Reviewing or creating your layouts.

  • Talk through design ideas, invitation wording, or other areas you're struggling to connect with.

  • When do we send out our wedding invitations?

  • What details or items am I forgetting?

  • Reviewing vendor proposals

  • Or just general venting to someone who totally understands the stress of wedding planning!

While the internet and ChatGPT are great for certain things, there are so many variables that will impact your wedding details, they can't be trusted with the most important day of your lives! I have over 20 years of experience planning weddings, let me help you enjoy the process.

The price for the membership will be increasing at the end of the month, but join now and you'll have lifetime access at the current rate! And this is just one of the features of membership, you can find the full breakdown of what's included at

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