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What is a wedding 

planning membership? 

During the pandemic when weddings were postponed, I kept myself busy by offering virtual wedding planning help to couples that didn't have the benefit of working with a wedding planner to help them navigate the craziness.  During those sessions, I LOVED sharing the wedding planning tips and knowledge that I've gathered in the last 20 years of being a professional wedding planner. 

It occurred to me that even after weddings came back, so many couples don't have the opportunity to work with a professional planner because it's either out of their budget, or simply not a necessity.  But that doesn't mean that they don't deserve the same tips and knowledge that will help them enjoy the planning process.  

Enter the wedding Planning Collective Membership! 

For a small fraction of the cost of hiring a planner, you'll have access to: 

  • Wedding Planning Blueprint Course with planning workbook

  • 4+ hours of "Office Hours" where you can ask me your wedding questions

  • Monthly wedding day timeline creation sessions  

  • Monthly "wedding workbook" sessions to make sure you're not missing anything

  • Monthly wedding expert sessions

  • Full access to our alway growing template library

  • Private Facebook Community for added support (& fun!)

Wedding Planning Blueprint Course

Designed to help you plan your wedding like a pro, in the WPB Course I take you through my exclusive PLANNING PATH, which was previously only available to our full service clients.   

Join me in my studio as I guide you through from the very first step, to making sure you don't forget a thing in the days before the wedding.  Using short video lessons, the tips are super easy to navigate, and ensure that you have the support of a professional wedding planning during your journey.  Find the full course breakdown below

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