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Just as the name suggests, Full Service Planning is the best option for couples looking for the most one on one support to help with their wedding plans. 

Most full service couples find us after they book their venue, and then feel overwhelmed by what to do next.  However, if you're thinking of hiring a full service planner, I STRONGLY suggest that you do this before booking anything, so they can help you make sure everything is aligned with your budget and priorities. 

Because every wedding is so different, the Full Service pricing is customized for each event.  Pricing starts at $8,600 and a custom quote would be created for you once we have a chance to discuss the details.  It is a flat rate, and is not based on a percentage of the wedding budget or from vendor "kickbacks".  This ensures that the advise and vendors recommended is truly based on experience, and not because it makes more money on our end.  

The best way for me to see if Full Service Planning is a good fit for you would be to set up a time for a quick phone/zoom consultation, and then I can create a custom quote for you. 

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