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The average wedding:

  • Takes 200-400 hours for a couple to plan
  • Involves 14+ vendors/wedding professionals
  • Costs $29,200 (not including the ring and honeymoon)
  • Causes 8-14 panic attacks in the process of planning the wedding

Ok, I may not have any statistical data for that last point, but the amount of time, logistics, and money that goes into planning a wedding could break the strongest of Type A couples.  The second that engagement ring photo hits Instagram, everyone wants to share their opinions and suggestions with the happy couple, and it can be very overwhelming!

I’d love to share my opinions with you too, but with over 15 years of wedding planning experience, I am confident I can save you dollars, time, and sanity while you plan your wedding

FOWO – Fear of Wedding Oversight

We’re here to help guide you through the planning process, just as we would 1 on 1 with our clients. Unlike most wedding websites and blogs, we are not all about color combinations, vendor referrals, and style trends. I’m sharing all the behind the scenes details that most couples don’t think about, but can make a big impact on the wedding day or process leading up to it. At some point in planning a wedding, most couples have what I call FOWO, the Fear of Wedding Oversight. “I don’t know what I’m missing” or “I don’t know what I don’t know” are common phrases I hear, and it’s my job to get rid of that FOWO! 

Quick Pro Tip

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Wedding Budget

The #1 piece of advice that I can give any couples in planning a wedding is to get a solid grasp on the details of the budget before committing to ANYTHING, including the venue or date with the church.