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Our Story

There are literally thousands of wedding websites and blogs out there, so what is so different about Planning Collective?  The motivation behind it.  Because we are supported by our couples, not vendors, there is no doubt that the information we provide is in your best interest.  

We are powered by 15 years of experience in planning award-winning weddings.  We’re not a tech-based company relying on algorithms and other fancy words to boost website clicks.  While we’ll try to make this a user-friendly platform, our main goal will be to provide you with very targeted information that will help save you time and money while planning your wedding.  

Think of us as the Netflix of wedding planning!  For the price of a glass of wine or a couple of lattes a month, we’ll give you “commercial free” advice, tips, and tricks to get you through all this exciting craziness!  


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Join our private online community to help support other couples as you all plan your wedding

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Each month we’ll do a deep dive into one specific topic, bringing you very detailed budles with guest experts and additional content

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In addition to our checklists on Planning Collective, we’ll post weekly tips and suggestions to keep in mind while you plan

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