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When To Send Save the Dates & Wedding Invitations

When do you send out wedding invitations

The most common question I see asked in wedding groups is "when should we send out our wedding invitations?", or "when do I send out our save the dates?" I love when I see that question, because it's one of the few wedding related questions that has a pretty straightforward answer!

Grab these worksheets to figure out when you should send out your wedding invites, and listen to the podcast episode for more details!

Wedding Planning Podcast

*Please note this timing is common for US based couples. Other countries have different timeline requirements, so make sure to check with your venue to determine when you'll need to get them your final guest counts.

And one final note, because I KNOW you're thinking it! While it might seem harmless to get ahead of things and send out your invitations earlier than suggested, I highly recommend you wait until 6-8 weeks before your wedding. Sending invites out too early ALWAYS ends up with guests changing their RSVP status, or forgetting to note it in their calendar.

To avoid a high number of "no shows", or needing to follow up with a second round of RSVPs the month before the wedding, stick with this breakdown for your wedding invitations and save the dates.

When do you send out wedding save the dates

When do you send out wedding invitations

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