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Planning Stage:

The Logistics

At this point you have the “big stuff” checked off your list, but there are still so many little details to consider.  Coming soon, we’re digging in to all those little things that you didn’t even know you needed to think about, and walk you through those final few months before the wedding! 

C H E C K L I S T S 

What you should be checking off your list? Here are some of the main task to focus on this month.  Make sure to check out your Aisle Planner Account for the full, comprehensive checklist!

The FOOD & BEVERAGE bundle will be coming up soon with so much detail!  We’ll cover the topics below, shoot us a message in the Collective with your questions, and we’ll make sure to include the answers when the bundle is released!  In the meantime, make sure to check out our Facebook Live sessions to get more details and wedding planning tips! 

Facebook Live Sessions:

Food & Beverage Bundle

Coming soon!  In our Food and Beverage bundle we’re going to dig in deep and discuss all of the things that go into creating the best menu and bar options for your wedding.  We’ll cover things like menu tastings, things to consider when hiring your baker, and do you really need a late night snack or to have a farewell brunch the following day?  Stay tuned for more details! 

Timeline Bundle

Coming soon! As the wedding gets closer, you’ll need to focus some time on creating the perfect timeline for the day.  In this bundle, I chat with Jodi Gagne from Simply Perfect, a Toronto based wedding planning company.  a wedding timeline genius.  Jodi and I chat about how important it is to get the timeline right, and share with you how we go about creating timelines for our couples.  Enjoy!