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Planning Stage:

Building your Team

Now that you have your foundation set with the budget and guest list, let’s start getting into the “real” planning!  While the previous stage lays the foundation, now we need to build the structure of the wedding by securing your venue and vendor team.  In this stage we’ll discuss all the important details that you need to consider while you are pulling together your dream team! 

C H E C K L I S T S 

What you should be checking off your list? Here are some of the main task to focus on this month.  Make sure to check out your Aisle Planner Account for the full, comprehensive checklist!

Main Focus

In this section we feature some of the most important bundles you’ll need to plan your wedding.  Make sure to check them out before securing your venue and vendors.  For brides, going dress shopping is definitely a highlight of planning your wedding! The wedding gown bundle will help answer questions you didn’t even know you had about the shopping process so you can be fully prepared in what to expect. 

Finding your Venue(s)

Once you have determined your budget and guest list, finding your wedding location will be the next big step!  Here we’ll explore some important things to consider before signing any contracts, and helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes! 




Vendor Team Bundle 

Read more here.  Building an amazing wedding vendor team is so very important to having a successful wedding.  In this bundle we’ll cover:  What vendors do you need to hire? What questions should you ask when you meet with potential vendors? What’s the difference in having a band vs. a DJ?  How do you decide which vendors to hire?  And many other details that will be so helpful to make sure you build your dream team! 

Wedding Gown Bundle 

Read more here.  One of the first things future brides want to do after getting engaged is to start the search for the perfect gown!  I sat down with Michelle McFarland, a good friend and owner of The Wedding Shoppe in Berkeley, Michigan to chat about some things to consider before your first appointments to ensure that you enjoy the gown shopping process.

Stationery Bundle 

Coming Soon!  I’m so excited for this bundle, we’re going to dig in deep with all things you need to know about invitations and all other wedding stationery needs you might have.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a good one! 

Take Engagment Photos

Read more here. Many couples opt to take formal engagement photos, and we highly encourage this practice!  Not only does it provide you with great everyday photos for your home, but it also give you an opporutnity to practice being in front of the camera.  We always recommend that you have your wedding photographer take these, it helps you to get to know each other, which will make you feel more comfortable on the wedding day.

Save the Dates

Read more here.  Save the dates are a great way to get the word out about when and where your wedding will take place to the guests that will be invited.  Check out this timeline from Tifany at Gourmet Invitations to figure out when your save the dates should hit the mail!