Planning Stage:

Newly Engaged

If you’re just recently engaged (YAY!!!), then this is the place to start.  We’ll help you get started with the first steps of planning a wedding, including your budget, planning checklists, and chat about what’s up next.  

Here are some of the main task to check off your list this month.  Make sure to check out your Aisle Planner Account for the full, comprehensive checklist!

During the first few weeks of our launch, we’ll be adding a new post daily.  Make sure to join the Facebook Forum so you’ll see what’s added, and check back soon for more updates! 

Plan your engagment party

Read more here.    YES!  You’re engaged!  Now what?  Celebrate with you’re loved ones!  While this isn’t a “required” activity, most couples want to kick off their wedding planning journey with an engagement party, and it’s a great way to start the celebrations!  It’s also typically a couples first glimps into the complicated world of planning a larger party, dealing with guest lists, others opinions, and SO MANY QUESTIONS!  Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a few tips to help you through the party planning, and have a great start to putting together your big day! 

Determine your budget

The Budget Bundle is here!!  I’m so excited to have the first bundle out there, and it’s probably one of the most important topics we’ll ever talk about.  The Budget!  Not the most exciting topic, but it’s where all wedding planning should start.  So members, click here to get access to our Budget Bundle, which includes a  workbook, video tutorials, Aisle Planner demonstrations, and links to our live Q & A session that we’ll be having with “finance enthusiast”  Brian Weitzel from BTW Photography.

Not a member yet?  No worries, Join Here to have access to all these great resources, along with more bundles to come every month!

Create your guest list

Read more here. Finalizing your guest list can often be a bigger challenge than many couples anticipate.  Some questions you should consider when choosing this list of individuals are: how many people can your venue fit, how many people do you want in attendance, who gets a plus one, and how you may narrow down your list. This task may seem tedious at first, but we can assure you that it is easier than you think.  This list will help you conquer these questions to make the process fun and free of stress, as it should be!

Hire your wedding planner

More fun detais coming soon!