1 Week to Go!


Here are some of the main task to check off your list this month.  Make sure to check out your Aisle Planner Account for the full, comprehensive checklist!

During the first few weeks of our launch, we’ll be adding a new post daily.  Make sure to join the Facebook Forum so you’ll see what’s added, and check back soon for more updates! 

Pack for your honeymoon

Read more here. It’s super easy to forget about the honeymoon when you are caught up with all the wedding plans.  Don’t forget to put together your packing list so you don’t leave anything behind! 

Take it all in!

Read more here. After all this planning, wedding week is finally here!  You’ve probably heard many people tell you that it just flies by, and they are absolutely right.  After working with hundreds of couples and families over the last 14 years, here are a few suggestions that we have for you to keep in mind while going into this final week

Have a spa day!

More fun details coming soon! 

Have a final meeting with your planner

More fun details coming soon!