By the end of the 5 days, you will have: 

  • An organized and actionable checklist of planning tasks

  • A comprehensive budget broken down by category

  • Answers to your guest list questions 

  • A list of vendors you need, and questions you should ask before booking

  • A supportive community of other engaged couples to connect with & encourage through the process  
  • 6+ hours of live Q & A time with me for your specific wedding planning questions
  • But most importantly, overall confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS! 

The Wedding Planning Help You Need

The workshop starts on February 1st and is a MUST for all newly engaged couples. 
You’ll receive a daily tutorial style video and workbook for you to complete at whatever time is convenient for you.
Each day I will also be doing live Q & A sessions at various times so you can ask your personal questions.

If you can relate to one of these statements, this Workshop is for you:  

  • You’re recently engaged, but have no clue where to start with planning a wedding
  • You’re a few months into wedding planning (have a date and venue, maybe some other vendors too…), but you feel like you’ve just been fumbling your way through, and you don’t know how to get organized 
  • You’ve been planning for a while, and you can’t shake that feeling that you’ve missed something
  • You went from being SO EXCITED about planning, to quickly feeling burned out and defeated
It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!  
Join me for the FREE Plan Your Wedding Workshop, and we’ll get you organized with a wedding planning action plan in less than a week.
Wedding planning

I Gotcha Covered!

Our workshop will focus on 5 main categories: Wedding Priorities, Budget, Guest List, Checklists/Timelines and Vendors.  Each day we’ll focus on one of these categories, and by the end of the week you’ll have a solid blueprint for your wedding plans.  A few topic examples will include: 

  • The first 3 things every couple should do after getting engaged
  • Money saving tips, and the number one item couples overlook in the budget
  • How do you know what to spend on each component of the wedding? 
  • Is there really a “wedding” upcharge? 
  • Who should get invited, and do you need to allow everyone to bring a date? 
  • What wedding vendors do you really need, and how do you make sure you’re not scammed  

Hi! I’m Kate

I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 16 years now, helping over 300 couples with their wedding plans.  I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years, and I’m excited to help you feel confident in your wedding planning skills!   

While every couple and wedding is unique, there are common threads and struggles that most couples go through in the planning process.  I’m here to help guide you through those struggles so that you can actually enjoy being engaged and look forward to your wedding day! 

Great, but what is it? 

Each morning during the workshop you’ll receive a short video tutorial and corresponding worksheet.   There will also be daily live Q & A sessions so I can answer your specific wedding planning questions that come up!