Sparkling Mint Cranberry Mocktail – Signature Drink

Sparkling Mint Cranberry Mocktail – Signature Drink

Sparkling Mint Cranberry Mocktail  

Are you having a winter wonderland wedding and need a signature drink? Then you have come to the right place! This Sparkling Mint Cranberry Mocktail is a perfect way to get your guests in the holiday spirit.  

This a great refreshing drink for all ages, but you can add a little vodka in to warm things up, if you’d prefer.   

Recipe from: Food Fun Family

1/2 cup Cranberries

3 Mint, fresh leaves

1 Mint, leaves

1/2 cup Granulated sugar

2 tbsp Cream of coconut

3 (12 ounce) can sparkling water

1/2 cup Water


1.Add sugar and water to a small saucepan; stir and heat until sugar is fully dissolved and mixture starts to thicken slightly.

2.Remove from heat and stir in chopped cranberries, chopped mint leaves, and cream of coconut. 

3.Spoon this mixture into ice cube tray, dividing evenly among the ice cube sections. Freeze.

4.Just before serving, divide ice cubes among individual glasses and pour  sparkling water over the fruit cubes. The cubes will dissolve on their own, but you may want to stir a little before serving. Garnish each glass with a mint leaf.

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Signature Drink- Caramel Apple Mimosa

Signature Drink- Caramel Apple Mimosa

Start A Fall Wedding Morning Off Right!
This drink is sure to wake you up! Who’s thinking of some themed names?

 Recipe from- Delish, Carmel Apple Mimosa

2 tbsp. Caramel

2 tbsp. cinnamon sugar

1 c. apple cider

8 oz. caramel vodka

1 bottle champagne

Apple slices, for garnish


Instruction for the Caramel Apple Sangria:

1.In a small dish, pour caramel. In another small dish, pour cinnamon sugar. Dip champagne flutes into caramel to rim glass, then dip in cinnamon sugar.

2.Pour 1/4 cup apple cider and 2 ounces caramel vodka into each flute and top with champagne.

3.Garnish with an apple slice and serve.

Looking for a kick morning drink for a Fall wedding to get the day started? Well the Caramel Apple Mimosa couldn’t be more perfect! This is a signature drink you could enjoy with your bridal party while you’re getting your hair and makeup done before the best day of your life officially begins! Everyone knows and loves that signature taste of Fall and it all begins and ends with a Caramel Apple Mimosa! Say goodbye to the traditional mimosa.

There really is no question if wedding day falls on a Fall day to give your mimosa a twist with this drink! Give it a cute themed name to go with your day or have it just for fun for you and your girls! There are no rules on your wedding day except to have fun and drink good drinks of course. Wink, wink! This is your one day to go all out with a theme so do it right and start popping that champagne! Wedding day is the ultimate treat yourself day! It’s all about you! Oh and your soon to be hubby of course. Make it a great day and have a drink that will be sure to set the mood!


Signature Drink- Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

Signature Drink- Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

Fall into Wedding Day with A Crisp Drink!

Who can think of a fun name for this Fall drink?


Recipe from : Flavour & Savour– Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

1 750 ml bottle red wine

3 cups soft apple cider (non-alcoholic)

1 cup unsweetened cranberry juice

1/2 cup Triple Sec or other orange liqueur

1/2 cup honey* (or 1/2 cup simple syrup made by heating equal parts of sugar and water over medium heat until dissolved)

1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries

sparkling water to top off

1 cup freshly diced red and/or green apple cubes

cinnamon sticks for garnish


Instruction for the Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria:

1.Combine red wine, apple cider (or pure apple juice) cranberry juice, orange liqueur and honey (or simple syrup) in a large pitcher.

2.Add cranberries and diced unpeeled apples.

3.Serve over ice, if desired, filling glasses 3/4 full and topping off with some sparkling water.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a straw.

Having a beautiful Fall wedding? Well you need a signature Fall drink, so look no further! What screams Fall drink more than a Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria? Nothing of course! This is a classy and fun drink for a Fall themed wedding. Everyone knows that a Fall season isn’t complete without the taste of Fall, which of course is an apple cider! So why not take it up a notch with a more fun fruity kick!

Fall weddings are absolutely breathtaking with the leaves changing, the crisp breeze, and that signature taste and smell. Go all out for your Fall wedding and give everyone that experience of the Fall season that we all know and love. Make this a day that you and your guests won’t forget! Create the day with memories and tastes that will have you thinking back on the day as much as possible. It’s your day!

Signature Drink- Blackberry Mojito

Signature Drink- Blackberry Mojito

Blackberry Mojito
Will You Berry Me?
Any creative name ideas for this signature drink at your wedding?

Recipe from: Kitchen Swagger– Blackberry Mojito

  2 oz white rum

2 oz club soda

  1/2 oz lime juice or 3 lime wedges

  6-7 mint leaves

  3 blackberries

  3/4 oz simple syrup or 1 tbsp of sugar

  cup of ice           


 Instruction on how to make the Blackberry Mojito:

  1.In a Boston shaker, muddle limes, mint leaves, blackberries, and simple syrup until pulverized. Add rum and ice and shake for 10 seconds.

 2.Pour contents into a glass (no straining) and top with two ounces of club soda. Stir and garnish with mint leaves and blackberry.

 Is there anything better then a fresh summer mojito on wedding day? Definitely not! What better way then to throw in a marry berry twist to it! This drink has signature wedding day drink written all over it! The best thing about having a signature drink on wedding day is that you get to make it your own with any added or deducted ingredients! Not too crazy about the mint leaves? Get rid of them! Tasting too berry for your liking? Not a problem, just add a little more or less of an ingredient to make it taste just right.

 The Blackberry Mojito turns out to be the prettiest berry color! In case you’re thinking about a color theme. Have a signature drink that no one will forget and will be sure to be talked about. Also remember that the instructions and recipe can be modified. If you don’t have a Boston shaker, don’t worry! Any kind of shaker will do! This is your day and anything you want is what you can have. The Blackberry Mojito is a hit that will make for a memorable day. Get your drink on for wedding day!

Signature Drink- Grapefruit Margarita

Signature Drink- Grapefruit Margarita

Did Someone Say Tequila?
This fun drink deserves a clever name for your wedding! Any ideas?

Recipe from: A Gouda Life– Grapefruit Margarita 

Recipe (for 2) for the Grapefruit Margarita:

¾ cup grapefruit juice

¼ cup fresh lime juice

2 ounces Triple Sec

3 ounces Tequila silver or blanco

3 tablespoons simple syrup or to taste

1 lime

Sliced grapefruit for garnish optional 

Instruction to make the Grapefruit Margarita:

1.Blend the grapefruit juice, lime juice, tequila, triple sec and simple syrup in whatever size pitcher suits your crowd.

2.Line a plate with coarse salt then run a lime wedge over the rim of each glass and press the glass into the salt. Add ice to the glass, pour the Grapefruit Margarita in and serve with an extra lime wedge and (optional) a slice of grapefruit.Any drink with tequila in the recipe is always a good decision! Who says a margarita isn’t for wedding day? No one ever! The Grapefruit Margarita is a perfect summer time wedding drink. Gather your bridesmaids together to enjoy this cute and tasty drink. Not the biggest grapefruit flavor fan? No big deal, just substitute grapefruit juice for your favorite fruity taste because anything goes with tequila, right?!

Your wedding is sure to be the talk of the town when you have this signature drink that your guests will (hopefully still remember) talk about long after the big day! Think of a cute name dedicated to you and your soon to be hubby for this delicious drink. Let your guests have the time of their lives on your big day that they’ll have with the Grapefruit Margarita! This is an all time celebration drink and wedding day is of course the ultimate celebration! If you go with the Grapefruit Margarita as your pick for your signature drink, then don’t forget to offer up tequila shots too because why not!

Signature Drink- Strawberry Rose Sangria

Signature Drink- Strawberry Rose Sangria

Lips Taste Like Sangria!
Summer time sweet drink for your wedding! What catchy name ideas are you thinking?

 Recipe from – Jennifer Meyering– Strawberry Rose` Sangria

Recipe for the Strawberry Rose` Sangria:

2 (750 ml) bottles rosé wine

2 cups strawberry vodka

5 cups lemon-lime soda

1/2 cup stevia or sugar

20 strawberries fresh, hulled and sliced

Instruction to make the Strawberry Rose` Sangria:

1.In a large pitcher, combine wine, vodka, and 1/2 of the strawberries. Taste for sweetness and add sweetener if necessary, and stir.

2.Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or up to 6.

3.Just before serving, add Sprite, the rest of strawberries and gently stir.

4.Serve over ice with strawberry garnish.

Light, refreshing, and fruity. Could this drink look any more perfect? Probably not! What screams a summer time wedding drink more than a Strawberry Rose` Sangria? Literally nothing! If wedding day for you is going to fall on a hot July day then this is sure to be the perfect drink for your signature drink! Nothing screams refreshing and tasty more than this ultimate drink. Add a little more wine or add a little more vodka to your drink. Anything goes for your big day, make it your own!

Start thinking of a fun name for this drink to go along with your wedding because that’s the fun part of course! Your guests will appreciate a fresh drink on a hot summer day so make it the Strawberry Rose` Sangria! Unwinding during your reception after a long day of the beautiful wedding festivities is so important. This is a signature drink that will make the whole day even better then it already will be! Such a fun and memorable time deserves a delicious drink to go along with it. So what are you waiting for? Try out this recipe and enjoy the fruity freshness!