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Welcome to the Budget Bundle!

So many of our couples come to us feeling overwhelmed or confused about creating their wedding budget, and I completely understand that feeling!  It can be really tricky to figure out where to begin, and how to determine what you should be spending on the various components.  This bundle is here to help you make sense of the budgeting process, and give you some tips to consider along the way!

Before jumping into the videos, make sure to download the Budget Workbook so you can follow along and take some notes. Then check out the series of videos below that will help walk you through the workbook and create your customized budget.  Finally, take all this knowledge over to your Aisle Planner account where you’ll be able to keep track of all the breakdowns, vendor invoices, and payment due dates so you don’t miss a thing!

Once you’ve completed your workbook, make sure to check out our chat with Brian Weitzel from BTW Photography.  Not only does he have years of experience being a wedding photographer, but he’s also a newlywed himself, and teaches AP Economics.  He is a self-proclaimed finance junkie, who has also launched his own podcast, Ride Your Money Wave.  He definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to making the most of your money, so you definitely want to check this out!

*Apologies for the poor video quality!  This was shot as a Facebook live, and the recording did not upload as smoothly as anticipated.  Please see the timestamps below to skip around to the content that is most pertinant to you and your wedding plans!

Budget talk timestamps: 

Welcome, cheers and intros: 0:00

Getting into the budget: 5:20

How to prioritize: 10:00

Average wedding costs: 20:00

Brian’s wedding budget experience: 22:00

Breaking down the budget: 30:25

Financing the wedding: 36:20

After the wedding finances and investing: 45:20

Q & A: 1:08:10 (hidden wedding costs, incidental expenditures, vendor pricing, and our general tips and advice)