Wedding First Looks –


Why I love them


While planning a wedding, couples will have the conversation about whether or not to see each other before the ceremony.   

This is called the “Wedding First Look”. Some couples are superstitious about seeing each other before the ceremony.  Additionally, they want the element of surprise when they see their spouse-to-be for the first time walking down the aisle. Although holding tradition is important for many couples, there are many advantages to having a first look.





Why have a first look

1) The Timeline – The primary reason I advocate for a first look is the principle of time. It gives your photographer more time to take photos rather than capture the perfect shot with the distractions of walking down the aisle. It can be beautifully staged in a setting that is intimate, so the photographer to capture the raw emotion.

Many timelines don’t have much time between the ceremony and reception.  A first look will give the photographer dedicated time for your photosession before the ceremony.  This also means that you can attend cocktail hour! 

2) Your Enjoyment –  Most people get nervous to be the center of attention, and for the anticipation of the long awaited moment of the wedding day.  Beacause of this, I’ve noticed that couples that opt to have a wedding first look are able to relax, and enjoy the actual ceremony much more.  

By seeing your significant other before the ceremony in a private and intimate space, it allows you to get a few of the initial butterflies out of the way, which allows for you to be much more present during the ceremony and fully absorb the significance of the day.

Sticking with tradition

If you decide to be traditional and not do a first look, the moment can be just as beautiful and emotional. Remember to soak it all in because it is easy to let your emotions run the show and force you to rush. Take your time and look around to see all your loved ones who came to celebrate with you.  And make sure to talk to your photographer about when you can fit some photos of just the two of you into your day. 


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