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Wedding Invitations Tips

WAIT!  Before you drop those wedding invites in the mail, check out these quick tips for a smoother process! 


1. Take the wedding invitations with you.   

Before purchasing your stamps, take a fully assembled invitation to the post office with you.  Many invitations will require additional postage for weight, shape, or size.  You don’t want to find out the hard way when they are all returned! 

2. Don’t forget the RSVP card!          

Putting a stamp on the RSVP card envelope  makes it easier for your guests to pop them in the mail.  It also ensures that they don’t accidentally get dropped in the mail without a stamp!

3. Call about Hand Cancelling  

All mail is run through automated machines in the sorting process.  The machines can often mark up or even tear envelopes. Hand cancelling means that your wedding invites will be stamped by hand rather than by machine.  This ensures that even thicker wedding invitations arrive to your guests without being damaged by the processes.  

Some post offices will allow you to do this yourself, and others don’t allow it.  Make sure to call ahead to see what their policy is.

In order to get a positive response, I recommend going during off hours when they aren’t very busy.  Additionally, you can find a smaller post office, and avoid  busy times of the day (lunch time or right after work).  This should help your chances of success! 

4. Number your RSVP Cards                      

Before you seal those envelopes, make sure to put a number on the back of your RSVP cards.  This should corresponds with your numbered guest list.  It’s surprising, but without fail there is always at least one or two RSVPs that come back without a name.  This will allow you to quickly determine who sent in that nameless response!

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