How to Hire your Wedding Vendors 

Hiring your wedding vendors is one of the most important things you will do for your wedding.  Here are some tips to hiring your wedding vendors, but make sure to check out this post for a more thorough review! 

Every event is different, but most couples will find that they need: 

  •      Caterer/Venue
  •      Musician
  •      Photographer
  •      Videographer
  •      Florist
  •      Planner
  •      Hair & Makeup
  •      Transportation

Prior to meeting with your vendors, we encourage you to take a look at these tips so you know what to expect during vendor meetings.

1.)   Know, Embrace, and Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Before you hire your wedding vendors, PLEASE make sure you know what is budgeted for that category.  I’d hate for you to meet with and fall in love with a photographer, just to find out they are out of your budget.  Request pricing information via email or a phone call first, and only set up appointments with those in your price range.  

2.)   What is Your Wedding Style?

Do you want a photojournalistic photographer, or someone with a more traditional style?  Are you picturing a rustic chic look, versus something with a bit more bling?

Figuring out what your wedding style is will help you narrow down what vendors might be a good fit for you.  While you don’t need to know every single detail, it’s important to have an idea of your likes and dislikes at this stage.  

The importance of this will vary depending on the vendor, of course.  But start pulling together some inspiration images for each category, Pinterest is an amazing resource for this!  Floral images for florists,  photography shots for photographer meetings, and even wedding song lists for entertainers.  Having an idea of your wedding style before your first meetings with vendors will be very helpful! 

3.)   Do Your Research on wedding professionals

Doing your research about a potential vendor prior to meeting with them is important. This will give you a general idea of what services the vendor provides, and what you can expect from them. Research prior to meeting with your vendor allows you to see the possible package offers that the vendor provides (and the prices!).

I also highly recommend you look at vendors online reviews.  Sites like WeddingWire and The Knot are the most popular, most vendors will have reviews posted there.  

4.)   Come with Questions Ready

You’ve already done your research.  You’re only going to set up meetings with vendors that are in your budget and compliment your style.  The next step in hiring your wedding vendors is the actual meetings!

Most vendors are used to holding consultations in person, over the phone, or with a service like Skype or Zoom.  There is typically not a charge for these first meetings, it’s just a part of the inquiry process.  

Make sure to come to your initial consultation prepared, but don’t feel like it’s a formal job interview.  Think of it more like meeting a new friend for coffee or a cocktail!  

Have a list ready, you can find some great questions to ask wedding vendors here.  Also be ready to take notes, you’ll want to remember the details after you’ve met with several vendors.  

5.)   Listen to your gut

Don’t feel pressured to sign anything at the initial meeting.  It won’t be uncommon for you to want to go home and talk about the options afterwards.  No vendor should make you feel pressured to sign a contract on-sight.  

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential vendor for referrals, especially if they don’t have many reviews online.  

Finally, there is an emotional component involved when choosing your vendors.  Therefore, if you do not seem to click with them, that’s okay!  

On the otherhand, you might feel that strong connection at that first meeting,  and sign the paperwork right then.  Because you’ve already done your research, you know they are already a great fit for you, and the meeting can be just a formality.  

*A quick side note of caution that I would pass along to all of my clients.  Pricing for many wedding services will vary greatly.  Though it can be tempting to be attracted to a good deal, keep in mind that phrase “is it too good to be true”?  Cutting corners by hiring a cheap vendor can often result in a less than desirable end product or service.

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