Wedding InvitationsWAIT!  Before you drop those invites in the mail, check out these quick tips for a smoother process! 


  1. Before purchasing your stamps, take a fully assembled invitation to the post office to make sure it does not require additional postage for weight, shape, or size
  2. Don’t forget to also stamp the RSVP card!  It makes it much easier for your guests to get back with you quickly, and ensures that they don’t accidentally get dropped in the mail without a stamp
  3. Look into hand cancelling your invitations.  Hand canceling means that your wedding invites will be stamped by hand rather than being run through the automated machines. Wedding invitations are often larger than other mailed letters, so hand canceling them makes sure they would get damaged by the processes they typically use.  Some post offices will allow you to do this yourself, so require a charge for the, and some will even say that it is not allowed.  What I have found is that if you go during peak hours, you’re more likely to be turned away.  Find a smaller post office, and make sure to avoid a busy time of the day (lunch time or right after work), and you’re more likely to get a positive response!
  4. Before you seal those envelopes, make sure to put a number on the back of your RSVP cards, and assign those on the guest list.  It’s surprising, but without fail, there is always at least one or two invitations that come back without a name.  This will allow you to quickly determine who sent in that nameless response!