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This is the overall set up and tear down, or strike of wedding day. This occurs from vendors you hire or from the venue which your wedding is occurring at. Set up and tear down are very important in terms of you knowing what, how, and who are involved in the overall set up and strike of wedding day. Bride and groom are sometimes responsible for giving the right people their items they want set up on wedding day. Set up will usually be the venues responsibility or anyone helping out with decor. The strike at the end of the night is also usually up to the venue and any items the bride and groom wish to keep should be discussed so that nothing gets thrown out that is wanted to be kept. Set up can take some time to occur but can also happen quickly depending on time. Strike is often done quickly since it’s the end of the night and everyone is ready to head home. Also if there is a time limit on when your wedding is to conclude then this can have a time crunch to be torn down.