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These are an option that some guests choose to have for guests. The place cards have your guests name on them with their table number and sometimes their choice of dinner on them as well depending on your decision of entrees. These help keep everyone organized in terms of seating arrangements. It is common to put a little uniqueness to your escort cards with a nice font for the names or special holders for the cards. You can get as creative as you want with the place cards/ escort cards. These are usually set up on a table during cocktail hour so as your guests are mingling with friends and family before the reception, they can pick up their place card so they know where to go as the reception doors open. It’s always common to have assigned seating for your guests so that there is a precise set up for the venue in terms of chairs and silverware set up. Everything is more organized and understandable with assigned seating so it is always recommended and having unique place cards/escort cards will help make it happen smoothly.