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A hotel bag is a nice gift to give your guests as a thank you for attending your wedding and provide some goodies to make their stay comfortable. A hotel bag usually will contain a beverage such as a water, juice of some sort, or a soda. A snack such as a salty and or sweet, and maybe some Advil for the morning after the wedding reception in case of a hangover. Also adding a little something personal can be really special for hotel bags as well such as something homemade like cookies or even a hand soap! Anything goes for the hotel bag you would like to offer for your guests!

Adding some little touches such as designing your own labels for the water bottles, or for your homemade goodies is always a fun way to appreciate your guests. This could be a great DIY project and is affordable as well!  Having a theme for your hotel bags is a popular trend too. For example if your wedding is taking place in Michigan, it could be fun to have all made in Michigan products in your hotel bags. Items such as Vernors or Faygo for your drink, or Better Made potato chips for a snack! Putting a fun theme into the goodies will show your guests the thought put into the hotel bags for them.  Have fun and get creative!