Lips Taste Like Sangria!
Summer time sweet drink for your wedding! What catchy name ideas are you thinking?

 Recipe from – Jennifer Meyering– Strawberry Rose` Sangria

Recipe for the Strawberry Rose` Sangria:

2 (750 ml) bottles rosé wine

2 cups strawberry vodka

5 cups lemon-lime soda

1/2 cup stevia or sugar

20 strawberries fresh, hulled and sliced

Instruction to make the Strawberry Rose` Sangria:

1.In a large pitcher, combine wine, vodka, and 1/2 of the strawberries. Taste for sweetness and add sweetener if necessary, and stir.

2.Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or up to 6.

3.Just before serving, add Sprite, the rest of strawberries and gently stir.

4.Serve over ice with strawberry garnish.

Light, refreshing, and fruity. Could this drink look any more perfect? Probably not! What screams a summer time wedding drink more than a Strawberry Rose` Sangria? Literally nothing! If wedding day for you is going to fall on a hot July day then this is sure to be the perfect drink for your signature drink! Nothing screams refreshing and tasty more than this ultimate drink. Add a little more wine or add a little more vodka to your drink. Anything goes for your big day, make it your own!

Start thinking of a fun name for this drink to go along with your wedding because that’s the fun part of course! Your guests will appreciate a fresh drink on a hot summer day so make it the Strawberry Rose` Sangria! Unwinding during your reception after a long day of the beautiful wedding festivities is so important. This is a signature drink that will make the whole day even better then it already will be! Such a fun and memorable time deserves a delicious drink to go along with it. So what are you waiting for? Try out this recipe and enjoy the fruity freshness!