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After all this planning, wedding week is finally here!  You’ve probably heard many people tell you that it just flies by, and they are absolutely right.  After working with hundreds of couples and families over the last 14 years, here are a few suggestions that we have for you to keep in mind while going into this final week:


  1. Schedule time to visit with out of town family and friends.  You’re going to be pretty busy this week wrapping up final details, but make sure to put some time in the calendar to hang out with family and friends that you don’t get to see very often.  It’s tempting to think that you’ll have time to catch up at the wedding, but you’re time will be quite divided that day, so and you probaby wont have time for much more than a quick hello.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to fit in visits with everyone, plan on meeting up with everyone for lunch or a happy hour a couple of days before. No need to “host” or pay for this, think of it as just a regular meet up with friends, not an extension of the wedding festivities.
  2. Prioritize your to-do list.  There’s no doubt that you’ve been adding to your “to-do” list on a daily basis over the months of planning.  While some of these things truly will need to be done, don’t feel bad about deleting some of those less important items to save time for everything else.  Take a look at what’s left to be done, and list them in order of importance for what you’d want to make sure gets done.  If those amenity baskets in the bathroom would be nice, but you’re not going to be devestated if you don’t have them, but them at the bottom so you make sure you check off those tasks that are more important to you first.  Also remember, your guests won’t know what they are missing, so save your sanity and time by skipping some of these tasks
  3. Delegate.  While you’re prioritizing that list, think about what things you can ask your family or wedding party to help you with.  You’ve probably had quite a few people ask “what can I do to help?”, so take advantage of their support!  Send your aunt to get those amenity basket items, or to do an airport run.  Look into services like TaskRabbit, LawnGuru, or Handy to take care of some of your household taks that you just don’t have time for.  If you’re hosting any family or friends at your home, schedule to have a house cleaner come at the begining of the week so you don’t feel the pressure to get everything in order yourself.  You can also order small catering trays (think fruit/cheese/veggie trays, small sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc.)  from a local grocery store so that you don’t have to spend your time in the kitchen.  
  4. Relax!  We mentioned this before, but the week before the wedding is a perfect time to schedule a visit to the spa with your girls.  While making it a full massage/facial experience would be ideal, taking time for just an extended pedicure with a foot rub can work wonders for the spirit!
  5. Let it go.  You have spent months putting together the details and perfect vendor team for your wedding.  You’ve done the hard work, now is the time to put your trust in everyone to make it happen for you!  Having at least a Day Of Wedding Coordinator on your team will make sure that everything is happening on time, and take care of those little things that will come up.  Try to resist the feeling that you need to check in on everyone, and just be in the moment with your family and wedding party to celebrate.  Things might run late, rain might mean you’re ceremony is moved inside, or something might spill on the dress.  Don’t let things like this ruin the day, keep the big picutre in mind.  You and your fiance will be married by the end of the day, and a stain on the wedding dress will seem insignificant down the road.